Conquer the day.

I’m bad at mornings. And while many factors of my life can change depending on mood swings, mornings are something that I’m bad at all the time. All. The. Time.

So, how do I combat it?

Every morning, as I peel my body, unhappy about the jarring activity of waking up, out of bed and I look at my dog and I say, “Let’s conquer the day.” Sometimes it’s, “Time to conquer the day,” or “Wanna conquer the day, Rory?!” Either way, no matter what, it involves conquering the day and my dog wagging her tail because she has no idea what I’m saying and she knows she’s about to be fed.

new years resolution 2015

Then, I (slowly) get dressed and trip over Rory while she runs happy laps around my feet. I take her (and, if both of them are with me, her “sister” Zelda who technically belongs to my boyfriend) outside. During nice times of the year, the pleasant morning weather is a pleasant, gentle reminder of how great the day can be. This time of year, I’m forcible jarred awake by the cold Midwestern winter.

Kelly Rivard Feel Good Hump Day Moments

For those who may not know her, this is Rory. She’s a longhaired miniature Dachshund. She greets every day with the utmost enthusiasm.

On this final morning of 2014, I’m not going to say I have New Years resolutions. I don’t. I learned a long time ago that if you want to make improvements, you shouldn’t wait for an arbitrary date to do it. Tackle what you can when you can. I will say that a new year, however, can welcome new chapters. It offers a sense of closure on days that were maybe harder to conquer.

2014 was a mixed year. The best parts were better than I could have imagined. The hard parts were hard, but no more difficult than anything else I’ve survived.

It marked my first year of employment at my current agency, which has been a wonderful roller coaster.

The year held several “seconds” for Josh and I — we’re in that amazing point in a relationship where things you did for your “first” year start shaping into possible long-term traditions

It was also the year we went on our first vacation together (you can watch the recap video Josh made of our Chicago vacation here).

how tall is willis tower

I faced my fear of heights in the Sears Tower (now officially known as the Willis Tower).

It was ALSO the year where we went to our first Comic Con together and Josh had to fight happy tears when someone called him Tony Stark.

So tomorrow morning, I’m going to wake up and I’m going to look at my happy little dog and say, “Rory, let’s conquer the day.” And she will run happy laps as I get out of bed and start making breakfast. (I have tomorrow off. Naturally that means I’ll sleep in a bit later and make something delicious.)

And 2015 will be another 365 days to conquer. And I’m going to conquer the hell out of them.

2015 is the year I go on my first cruise, with Josh’s family. We leave the second weekend of January. I’ll probably blog about it.

2015 is the year I’ll run (and probably ride the struggle bus during) my first (possibly only) half marathon. I’m looking at you, Garmin Half! (Kudos to Brandi Buzzard Frobose for being the one who held me to this commitment.)

This will be the year I finally see Billy Joel, Bob Seger, and who knows who else in concert. (Another hat-tip to Brandi for being my “old soul” music companion and finding the tickets for these badass adventures.)

kelly rivard brandi buzzard frobose boston classic rock concert

This is Brandi and I at the Kansas and Boston concert in Kansas City this past summer.

Oh, and the big kicker about 2015?

It’s the year I turn 25. It’s also the year that my father will have been gone for more than half of my life. So, it’s a big year for milestones.

Come at me, 2015. I’m gonna conquer the shit out of your days.


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